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Sempet bingung ya pas gue lagi liat search blog gue. Ya ampun yang disearching ngga disangka2! ckck
Dan gue juga ngga tau apa yg dia cari-_- contohnya aja nih,

  • Sketchup
  • job newsblog net esubmit biss opp
  • kaspersky
  • nadya dan namega
  • mcafee 8
yang gue bingungin, kenapa ada yang ngesearching nama gue? Nadya. Namega. It's a same thing!
Dan itu adalah gue. pemilik blog ini. ya tuhan, ya allah, ya rob, ada foto gue terpampang disitu.
Tapi... Yah... Ngga ada namanya sih hehe cuma foto doang hehe... Tapi.. TETEP AJA! Masa gue harus masang biodata gue di post? Ngga bakal pernah gue ngelakuin hal kaya gitu, cuma orang tolol, dan pengen famous aja yang mau ngumbar identitas dia di blog! Paling itu cuma iseng-isengan orang aja biar gue kekecoh kan? Iya kan? Kita liat aja nanti siapa yg menang.
Yang jelas, buat siapapun yg ngesearch di blog gue, gue usahain bakal gue cari apa aja yg lo search, terus gue post di blog gue.. tenang aja ;)

Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Curly♥ 3

Curly Bridal Hair Styles

If you are going to be married and want to know some thing about your wedding Hair style then we have some ideas related to this subject, here we bring some Curly Bridal Hair Styles that you can choose one for you according to the type of hair you have as well as according to their length.
There is one most important thing related to your hair style is from where you are going to ready and want to do your wedding make over,you must tell your hair stylish about the type and problem of your hair at least one month before your wedding so that she can guide you better about it.

Curly Wedding Hair

Curly Wedding Hair is the most romantic hair style for wedding that give a bride perfect bridal look having abouquet in hands for her love one.There are lot of options for a bride to enhance the beauty of her hair but with beautiful hair accessories she can get her perfect bridal look only with inspiring curls with which her groom become capture and express his love towards his bride.Many celebrities like to have curly hair on their special day as it give you lot of styling choices.You can make a bun and apply your wedding crown as well hair pins specially make for brides.

Curly♥ 2

Curly Hair Has Its Charm

If you are by  birth the owner of curly hair then you are really lucky one, you just in less time get very attractive hair style look.  Before giving any hair style tips. I would like to mention few caring tips that help you to maintain your hair natural beauty 
  • The first thing that is very essential for your hair is water, drink plenty of water, this gives the hair its shine and without it can leave your hair lank and frizzy. The usual recommendation is eight glasses a day, but don’t stick rigidly to this, just drink as much as you can.
  • Secondly protein is really important to your hair as this is what it’s made of, so be sure to eat enough dairy and meat products for your curly hair.
  • For curly hair you need not to wash your hair daily or thrice a week with shampoo, but daily conditioning will help you in remarkable way. You can get more benefits with out any harm on your hair.
  • Homemade Hair Conditioner : Try this conditioner for dry curly hair which can be used for all hair types: Separate the white of an egg from the yolk, whip it to a peak. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the yolk and blend until the mixture is creamy. Then mix the white and yolk together. Wet your hair with slightly warm water. remove the excess moisture, and then apply the mixture to your scalp with your finger tips. Massage gently until the forth is worked into your scalp. Rinse the hair with cool water. Keep applying the mixture till it is used up. Rinse until  all of the egg is washed away.
No doubt straight hair look very beautiful but Curly Hair Has Its Charm. Here we bring some really charming curly hair styles that give you a perfect look that enhance your styling and beauty in the eyes of observer and these hair style keep the eyes of other on you in your parties.

Long Curly Black Hair Style

Long hair are directly relate to females and it represent their beauty and feminist. If you are black hair lady and want to know something about your hair style then you are at right place here we have very fantastic and charming hair styles that can enhance your beauty so watch what we have new for you.
Long Curly Black Hair Style is very attractive and catch the attention of observer at any occasion. Lose hair style suits almost every kind of face shape and at every stage of life it gives you gorgeous look.

Now in hair styling this is the very popular to make long reads that give you really cool look, you can take ideas form the images below for further styling for any kind of parties and family function. In your office party you can also try one of these styles for your pretty look.


 terlahir dengan rambut keriting kaya gue?

sebenernya itu belum seberapa, masih kribo lagi rambut gue.. tapi, yah.. pede aja lagi. namanya juga pemberian Allah YME (Tuhan, god, lord) ;)
masih banyak anak-anak diluar sana yang ngga punya rambut, atau rambutnya tipis sampe pitak, botak, harusnya kita bersyukur punya rambut keriting apalagi yang lebat kaya gue (Keribo) B)

PS: sebenernya lagi muji-muji diri sendiri aja, biar agak pede... syukurlah berhasil ;)

Natural Anti Aging through Diet and Exercise

The processes of aging can be beaten naturally. Healthy diet and regular exercises are best natural anti aging techniques. Cosmetologists believe the aging is effectively reversed if herbal skin care products are used along with a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise.

Natural Anti Aging - Secrets of Radiant Youthfulness

Researches have established that foods derived from plants are steeped in fibers and vitamins which bestow you with a glowing skin. These are best known natural anti aging agents. Pimples and skin outbursts are results of bed metabolism. Dietary habits like consuming red meats, alcohol, cakes and fried food affect our metabolism in multiple serious ways. Poor metabolism happens when your intestines is free from toxic body wastes. Fibrous intakes help extricate toxins. Pimples and blemishes will vanish once proper metabolism is restored. Fruits are rich in Vitamins like A, E and C. These are called food for skin by nutritionists who believe that without these aging problems like wrinkles, dullness and dark circles mar the look. The right amount of protein consumption is also essential as proteins heal damaged body cells. You must also exercise for 30 minutes at least daily and drink two to three liters of waters. These natural anti aging techniques will erase fine lines and blemishes making you look at least 10 years younger.

Anti Aging Secrets - Unraveling Secrets of Gleaming Skin

Simple homemade remedies can snub out age-lines completely. References of these traditional remedies were discovered in ancient scripts. Our predecessors applied a mixture of turmeric and sugarcane juice as a face pack to keep the skin supple and glowing. These age-old anti aging secrets have now been unearthed. Astonishingly these simple face packs work miraculously providing intense nourishments and halting signs of aging. One of the good old anti aging secrets is to rub honey around your eyes to prevent dark circles. For an overnight skin treatment, mix equal amounts of rose water, cucumber juice and lime juice. Apply on the face and neck before cuddling up for the night for a rejuvenated skin. Mashed papaya face pack is also great for beautiful spec free skin.

Skin Anti Aging - Be Chemical Free

You must never get wooed by the pompous bill boards and lavish advertisements that are used incessantly by multinational companies. Often behind the facade of glamour and glitz, products contain harmful components which leave debilitating problems if you use them constantly. Don’t get too overjoyed even if a product display 100% natural in bold. Trusting herbal homemade remedies or buying from reputed online herbal stores is the best gift that you can give to your skin. The point is, that it is better to turn your grand mother into your personal skin anti aging consultant than to seek help from profit mongers of the multibillion dollar firms.

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Baju-baju yang gue taksir xD
walau bagaimanapun juga kan gue cewe, jadi pantes ya suka-suka baju hihi
yang pertama ini model baju dan celana yang menurut gue cute, sweet, and i love it♥













Nah! sekarang giliran mini dress or long dress yang menurut gue bagus lol
comeon, cekidot ;)















Oke deh, itu lah model baju yang gue suka. Ehem... Yang menurut gue bagus. kalo emang pada suka dateng aja ke http://www.beautydaylily.com/ okay..
see ya ;)